Vaulty has launched

This is a special day. We are extremely excited today to launch Vaulty, along with its first subscription offering “Vaulty Personal”. Vaulty is the easiest way to receive end-to-end encrypted sensitive information.

Let’s explain this. We assume that Alice works with her client, Bob, who needs to send her the API key for his payment processor. Sending the API key over email or group chat is not a choice, as communication is not end-to-end encrypted. This means that, for example, staff of the email or group chat service can read logs or database entries and therefore get access to the API key. This should never be possible.

With Vaulty on the other hand, all you need to do is:

  1. (Alice) Create a vault. You can give it a name and short description.
    Create vault
  2. (Alice) Share the vault’s URL. It can be shared over email or group chat.
    Share your vault
  3. (Bob) Fill in the vault. The person who owns the information does not need a Vaulty account to fill in and seal the vault.
    Seal vault
  4. (Alice) View the vault contents. Only you — not even us — can access, decrypt and view the information that was sent to you with Vaulty.
    Unseal your vault to view your end-to-end encrypted data
In a nutshell, Vaulty is here so there are no more passwords or API keys in emails.

You can try Vaulty for free, or you can purchase Vaulty Personal to access your vaults in multiple devices. Vaulty Personal costs €39/year and by using the coupon code SOP22 until 31 December 2022, you will get €10 off your first subscription, bringing it down to just €29/year — it’s a steal!

Lose no more time and head over to to give it a go!