Request credentials securely from clients

How many times have you received sensitive data like passwords or API keys in your email? Yikes!

We do know that this should never happen. But on the other hand, how can you get a non-tech savvy client who hired you for their tech tasks to use an appropriate tool to send you securely that password with end-to-end encryption?

Encryption used to be hard… until now. Enter Vaulty; the easiest way to receive data securely with end-to-end encryption over all sorts of insecure channels (SMS, chat, email, you name it) from anyone, even beyond your corporate boundaries.

How it works

With Vaulty, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a vault with a click of a button
  2. Share the unique URL of the vault with the owner of the sensitive data

The person that receives the unique URL of the vault, only has to:

  1. Enter the sensitive data into the text area
  2. Seal the vault with the click of a button

Then, Vaulty will end-to-end encrypt that data locally in the browser and send it over to you. The end-to-end encrypted data will be downloaded in your browser and decrypted there locally, accessible only by you.

Demo time

We know that this might sound hard to fathom! That’s why we also created a video demonstrating the above process in real time in just a few minutes.

With Vaulty you do not need to be a security or cryptography expert to request end-to-end encrypted information securely. It is as easy as pasting a simple URL into your email. No account is required either.

Request credentials securely with Vaulty